Lamanai Mayan Site is located on the New River which is a 1 hour drive going North of Belize City. Next you take a boat ride for about an hour to the site. Our boat driver occasionally stops to see crocodiles, spider monkeys, howler monkeys, turtles and variety of birds and vegetation.

Unfortunately, this particular tour cannot be combined with other tours. Lamanai Mayan Site features the second largest pre-classic structure of the Maya world and in front of the temple stands a 13ft stone temple mask of a Maya King. The remains of the two 16th century churches catholic missions are present nearby, which was committed by Maya Native rebelled and burned the church as a form of religion uprising. The site protected status provides for an abundance of wildlife inside the park. There are at least 7 families of Howler Monkeys furthermore the museum houses an amazing collection of impression artifacts depicting Maya Gods & animals.

DEPARTURE TIME We depart San Pedro, Ambergris Caye at 7:00 AM.
WHAT TO BRING Hiking Shoes, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Rain Coat
Licensed Tour Guide Lunch
Entrance Fee Water & Sodas
Transportation Gears

7:00 Am. Departure

  • We depart at San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Airstrip.
  • Flight takes about 15 mins from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye to Belize  Municipal Airport.

Belize City Arrival

  • We have a light breakfast for about  20 minutes.


  • We drive to the New River, driving takes approximately 1 hour depending on the traffic and weather status.
  • Upon arriving to the New River we have access to the rest room  before we start our boat ride.

Boat Ride

  • We board our  vessel which take an hour boat ride up the New River, where we will spot different wild animals such as Howler Monkeys, Birds, Crocodile and Turtles.

Lamanai Tour

  • Upon arriving at the Lamanai Archaeological Site, we have access to the restrooms before proceeding into the site, where our guide will be  sharing the history of the site and also pointing out the different structures of the temple and what are the purposes.
  • The tour takes  1.5 hours to complete the site.


  • For our lunch we provide the Belize Traditional  Rice and Beans with Stew Chicken dish.
  • Also other dishes  for vegetarians can be  provided, if requested.
  • Our Lunch duration is 45 minutes.

Depart Lamanai

  • We board our vessel for an hour boat ride back to our van.
  • We drive back to Belize City taking approximately 1 hour depending on the traffic and weather status.
  • We arrive at the Municipal Airport  boarding the 4:30 flight.


  • We return back to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye at 4:45 PM.

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