Cave Tubing Tour is a very easy one to do, from Belize City to Caves is an Hour drive. While getting at the site, we do have rest rooms & changing rooms for you to get ready for our cave Adventure. After getting ready, we hike to the entrance of the cave which will take us about 25 minutes hiking in the jungle. We do stops for showing you our different kinds of vegetation & medicinal plants on the trail. The Whole tour takes 2 hrs including our hiking and floating inside the Caves.
One of the interesting things about cave tubing is found in Mayan Mythology. The Mayan consider caves as  an entrance to the underworld called Xibalba meaning ‘place of fear or hell’.
WHAT TO BRING Water Shoes, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Bathing Suites, Towels, Extra Clothing
Licensed Tour Guide Lunch
Entrance Fee Water & Sodas
Transportation Gears

8:00 Am. Departure

  • We depart at San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Airstrip.
  • Flight takes about 15 mins from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye to Belize  Municipal Airport.

Belize City Arrival

  • We have a light breakfast for about  20 minutes.


  • We drive to the cave, driving takes approximately 1 hour depending on the traffic and weather status.

Arrival to the Cave Site

  • Upon arriving at the cave , we have access to the restrooms and changing rooms, where we will be putting on our bathing suites before we start our hiking.
  • From there we proceed to  get our gears, such as helmets, life vest, inflated tubes.
  • We proceed  our hiking for half an hour to the cave entrance, while hiking our guides  will be pointing out the different fauna and flora species and also we might spot Howler Monkeys,  and Toucan.

Cave Tubing Tour

  • Upon arriving at the entrance of the cave, we  do a quick check of our gears for our safety, before we start our tubing.
  • The tour take 1.5 hours of floating.
  • Finishing our cave tubing, we change into our dry clothing and proceed to have lunch.


  • For our lunch we provide the Belize Traditional  Rice and Beans with Stew Chicken dish.
  • Also other dishes  for vegetarians can be  provided, if requested.
  • Our Lunch duration is 45 minutes.


  • We drive back to Belize City taking approximately 1 hour depending on the traffic and weather status.
  • We arrive at the Municipal Airport  boarding the 2:30 flight.


  • We return back to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye at 2:45 PM.

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
September 19, 2019

The cave tubing was so much fun. Marcos had a guide Rick take us and he was a previous park ranger with a ton of knowledge and he had been doing cave tours for over ten years. We got to swim in the crystal clear water before going into the caves. It was an amazing experience where we saw bats and shinny quartz. It was an eerie and fun feeling to be in the cave with our flashlights off. We are so happy Marcos organized this for us!

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